14 Things I Can’t Wait For in 2014

2014 is going to be a big year in movies, music, and for my life.
Here’s 14 things I’m looking forward to in 2014:

14.  Diving further into the world of education. Seeing as I’m an English Education major, finally being in education classes is pretty scary, but I think after this semester I will feel more comfortable.

13. Turning 22, so I can dance to this song non-ironically.

12. Making 2014 the year I finally accomplished ALL of my resolutions.

11. Celebrating my puppy’s 1st birthday!!

Here’s Smudge:


10.  Watching a lot of movies. I’m looking forward to Divergent, Veronica Mars, Captain America:The Winter Solider, Amazing Spiderman 2, Godzilla, X-Men: Days of Future Past, The Fault in Our Stars, Guardians of the Galaxy, Interstellar, The Giver, The Maze Runner, Dumb and Dumber To, Mockingjay, and The Hobbit: There and Back Again. Woah.

9. Discovering new music.  Recently I’ve been listening to the same old stuff and I’m excited for a new artist to come out of nowhere and become my new obsession. I’m most excited for a new Brand New album, but we’ll see if that ever come out.

8.  My best friend’s boyfriend bought her tickets to come see me this summer! So I’m really looking forward to reliving the good old days with her. We haven’t seen each other since 2011. Geez.

7.  Having time to read books for fun. I hope to be able to find time to read some classics and young adult literature.

6.  The premiere of Girl Meets World. I need Corey and Topanga back in my life.

5.  Super Smash Bros. I need a new Super Smash Bros game in my life like I need air. If it doesn’t come out this year, I will be very disappointed.

4.  Going to concerts. I hope some good bands come to the Minneapolis area once the snow melts so I can actually see some live music again.

3.  Summer vacation. I can’t be the only one, right? I am kind of sick of this semester already.

2. Becoming a better person and continuing to prove strength by sticking to my morals.

1. Having fun. However far apart the good times may be, I need to find an outlet or a better form of escapism this year.


5 thoughts on “14 Things I Can’t Wait For in 2014

  1. Veronica Mars. Yes. All the excitement. I absolutely loved that show, and I was heartbroken when it was cancelled.
    Also Divergent. I just finished reading Allegiant (the last book in the trilogy) and I’m excited for the movie, but I don’t know if I can watch it knowing how it ends up.

  2. This blogging thing obviously comes very natural to you, even if you may disagree, you should know it surely comes off this way. I love your ideas for blog posts, they are all interesting to read and very creative. Looking forward to reading more.

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