Last week I was on a roll. The topics that we choose for our first experience with Wikis came easily to me. This week, however, I struggled quite a bit more.

For the most part, I couldn’t really find any place to add anything into. While reading the chapter, I became even more stumped. Eventually, I decided that I was intrigued by the role that Wikis/Internet play in modern day decision making. Then, I immediately created the page NoDecisions. I thought that once I picked a topic, it would be easier. Wrong. The topic, I felt, wasn’t that crazy of an idea. It made sense to me, at least. But when I went to google to try to find what other people were saying about the topic…I got a whole not of nothing. Ideally, I wanted to do what the assignment called for (which, like others, I felt was a bit vague). I wanted to find a million links, add them to the Wiki, and extend them into the page. But it just wasn’t happening. So I decided to look at it like…I was really doing what a lot of Wikis, like C2, try to do in that I was providing ideas about truly new topics and issues relevant to our technological society. So, I guess that realization was an accomplishment within itself.

I failed a little bit on the timing. I started on Thursday/Friday and visited every day following. I didn’t see a lot of activity on the Wiki until then, so I’m guessing a lot of my classmates faced the same issue. I updated NoDecisions everyday and also created the page for the already used Wiki word WhatTheHellWiki just for fun. And there were a lot of those “what the hell” moments this week. It kept telling me that I was updating when somebody else was, even on NoDecisions which nobody else ever edited. I also ran into the same Authentication Failed message as Jen. It happened pretty frequently and made me frustrated.

Overall, I think I did okay. I certainly put effort in, but it wasn’t as big of a success as the previous week. It was partly because of the weird topic I chose.  The content that ended up on the Wiki was entirely my own and I had to really dig deep to produce what I did. Even my links I choose we weird. I even ended up  linking to a wiki on consumer confusion, because it seemed more relevant in proving my point than anything else I was finding.

My work for the week:

2/28: Created NoDecisions and began work based on a topic I found interesting, but only briefly discussed within the chapter.
3/1- Worked on NoDecisions and created a page for the wiki word WhatTheHellWiki just for fun.
3/2- Added more content and a link on NoDecisions.


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